播放视频: “跨越国界学习”分享学生的经历

葡京直营APP跨国界学习(实验室), a new campus initiative that allows students to share their international experiences with their Princeton peers, 为学生提供一个反思旅程的场所, 以一种不仅对他们有意义的方式记录和展示他们, 但可能会启发未来的旅行者.

在葡京直营APP, we believe that the best way for you to understand and contribute to our globalized world is to experience other places and cultures firsthand. 我们的学生拥有大学的国际视野, 当他们享受校园时光的时候, many also take advant年龄 of a wide array of opportunities to live and learn abroad.

学生 often speak of their international learning experiences as "life changing.“不管你是否选择出国留学, 在国外进行研究或寻求国际实习, 你所做的将不仅仅是推进你的学术工作. 你会发现新的兴趣, learn about yourself and return to Princeton with a more sophisticated understanding of our complex world. 你将成为世界公民.

当葡京直营APP的学生从国外返回校园时, they describe experiences that are enriching on a personal level as well as an educational one. 奖励范围很广:

  • 你可以学习或掌握一门外语
  • 通过与不熟悉的事物打交道,你会对自己有更深的认识
  • 你将有机会认识新朋友,并建立一个国际网络
  • 当你体验其他文化的时候,你也会接触到新的思想
  • 你可能会发现兴趣可以帮助你更好地专注于你的学习
  • 你们的经验将为你们的国际化职业生涯做准备
  • 你会以一种新的方式看待这个世界




作为一名学生, 你可以选择世界各国的国际项目, as well as the chance to take classes on campus that include a travel component. You can even start your Princeton journey in another nation through the innovative Novogratz Bridge Year Program. 和 你毕业后, you'll have opportunities to eng年龄 globally through alumni service programs such as 葡京直营APP在非洲, 葡京app下载在亚洲,葡京app下载在拉丁美洲. 


Some students jump into an international experience right away before starting their first year on campus. 作为一名新生, you can apply to spend nine months doing public service work abroad through the University's tuition-free Novogratz Bridge Year Program. This experiential "bridge" between high school and college gives you an opportunity to widen your perspective before you begin your first year.

诺沃格拉茨桥年度计划 is hosted in five locations on three continents. 学生 live with local families while immersing themselves in the local culture, 学习语言和服务社区的需要. 你可以在人权或环境项目中做志愿者, 导师当地儿童, teach IT skills — the opportunities vary by locale and the organizations with which Princeton partners. 和 you'll start your studies at Princeton with deep connections to a place other than home, 和那些和你在国外有过共同经历的同学们建立起牢固的联系.



作为任何专业的本科生, 你可以在100多个学期或一年的课程中进行选择 出国留学 项目遍及40多个国家. Living and learning in another country for an extended period of time teaches you things you never knew about yourself and the world. 它可以为你提供新的技能,信心和可能性的感觉. 当你继续你的学术研究, you may also discover new ideas and interests that will shape you for a lifetime.

有这么多的选择, you'll get plenty of help deciding which program best fits your interests and goals. 学生 who receive financial aid continue to receive support from the University while studying abroad during the academic year. 国际项目办公室帮助学生做决定 为什么出国留学,去哪里留学 并支持他们的旅程. 海外留学全球大使 能告诉你他们的经历并回答你的问题吗.




这个夏天有时间进行国外的语言强化学习, allowing you to learn or master langu年龄s among the people who speak them and explore new cultures. 许多语言程序,如 葡京直营APP在慕尼黑, 葡京直营APP在北京, 葡京直营APP在阿根廷 或者是 艾克斯的程序 法语学习,由 学术部门.


出国学习并不一定意味着要出国学习. 你可以在暑假做国际实习生, working with an organization that matches your interests in any of more than 50 countries. From helping migrant families in rural Mexico to working on architecture projects in Dubai, 机会多种多样,令人着迷. 

The International Internship Program lets you live and work abroad during summer break and comes with a financial award that covers most expenses. 你可以获得宝贵的经验, expand your academic interests and immerse yourself in new langu年龄s and cultures, and explore possible career paths through internships in a wide variety of fields.



古巴作家和艺术家如何理解社会的变化? What can you learn about contemporary Chinese society by experiencing it up-close? 每年夏天,葡京直营APP的学生都会通过PIIRS全球研讨会前往海外, traveling to fascinating locations with historical or political significance to explore a specific topic.

每一个六周的研讨会都是由葡京直营APP的教员设计和领导的, and each presents a unique program of study that relies on visiting the locale at the heart of its subject matter. 由研讨会教员和嘉宾主持的日常讲座, 语言课程, 周末参观与课程相关的地点, 而社区服务则弥补了这段经历.




各种各样的 international study and research opportunities are available to graduate students,包括在国外进行独立研究的机会. You can collaborate with peers and 教师 at partner institutions and use international resources to further your research.

Graduate School exchange programs let you take courses or conduct dissertation research overseas. 即使你的经历已经结束, you may continue to collaborate with international peers and 教师 through the professional relationships developed during your time abroad.


从罗德岛到秘鲁的乡间小路, the Office of International Programs supports students and alumni interested in applying to fellowships for study, 国外研究与服务. 世界各地的实习机会也可以从独立的, 以地区为重点的校友和朋友协会.