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Welcome to Our Community of Learning

Princeton is one of the top universities in the world. Our undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize learning, creativity, innovation and collaboration.


We are a community of learning that is enriched by the wide range of experiences and perspectives of our students, 教职员工. Undergraduate students benefit from the extraordinary 资源 of a world-class research institution dedicated to undergraduate teaching, while our graduate students eng年龄 in original and independent scholarship and research.

  • 学生 study in 费尔斯通图书馆 under skylight
  • 学生 study at tables in firestone library in front of large windows
  • Student works in library


The 葡京直营APP 图书馆 system houses more than 10 million books, along with extensive digital holdings, in buildings across campus. 本科生, graduate students and 教师 have access to a remarkable array of 资源 for their course work, independent research and scholarship. 


We provide students with a range of academic 资源 and a support network of 教职员工 to support their success.

  • Student overlooks a city in South Africa
  • 学生 sit and play drums with drummer in Senegal
  • 学生 stand in a group holding a 葡京直营APP banner in front of Machu Picchu


Princeton is a global institution, and there are vast opportunities to learn and pursue research beyond the University's campus. Geographically extensive programs offer Princeton students and scholars many ways to connect. 

学生 discuss career development at Hire Tigers


We empower you to discover your interests and pursue your passions while studying at Princeton. Career 服务 can be a partner in your explorations, including through one-on-one guidance to help you plan your goals and achieve career success.